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    Forever a clean white smile! 

    With this being a strong desire for almost everyone, Aftersmile had a goal to make this happen whilst ensuring the solution was easy and enjoyable to use.

    We researched how to prevent teeth staining. All the tips and tricks that exist to prevent stains are inconvenient or simply a nuisance e.g. quitting coffee, giving up red wine, brushing teeth whilst on the go or washing your mouth out with water. The common short term solution is not to prevent stains but to whiten them but we all know the results don’t last and at times can be disappointing, and the process can be painful and time consuming.

    We spent over two years developing Australia's first Whitening Oral Care Chewing Gum. Packed with a powerful mint burst to keep your breath fresh, Aftersmile is uniquely formulated with xylitol, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate to keep your teeth clean and white. 

    Aftersmile is the product you need to help maintain your smile so you feel good and confident without any stress.

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