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    frequently asked questions

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    Does it get rid of stains?

    Aftersmile comprises a unique micro-granule formula, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate to gently remove stains.

    How often should I chew Aftersmile?

    Chew Aftersmile after eating and drinking to help keep your teeth clean and white.

    Is it the same as brushing my teeth?

    Chewing Aftersmile helps prevent plaque buildup on your teeth throughout the day creating less work for you to do when brushing and flossing.

    Is it the same as whitening my teeth?

    We recommend chewing on Aftersmile to protect your teeth from stains and reduce the frequency you need to whiten them!

    What ingredients are in Aftersmile?

    Xylitol, gum base, calcium carbonate, gum arabic, glycerin, sunflower lecithin, sodium bicarbonate, peppermint flavour, carnauba wax.

    Is it dairy free?

    Yes - Aftersmile oral care chewing gum is dairy free.

    Is it vegan?

    Yes - we love animals as much as you! Aftersmile oral care chewing gum is vegan.

    Is it Kosher?

    Yes - Aftersmile oral care chewing gum is Kosher certified.

    Is it Halal?

    Yes - Aftersmile oral care chewing gum is Halal certified.


    What is plaque and how is it caused?

    Plaque is the sticky, colourless or pale yellow and furry film that forms on teeth. It is caused when carbohydrates within the foods and drinks you consume are released into the oral cavity after chewing and stick to your teeth.

    How does Xylitol help prevent plaque accumulation?

    Xylitol’s molecular structure disrupts the bacterial growth within the oral cavity resulting in a reduction in plaque build-up, helping keep your teeth clean and polished-smooth.

    How does Aftersmile help keep my teeth white?

    Aftersmile is scientifically formulated with sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate micro-granules, to help gently remove stains.

    How does Aftersmile contribute to the neutralisation of plaque acids?

    When chewing our gum your saliva is stimulated resulting in an increase in bicarbonate, providing a neutralising effect to the acidic pH brought about from carbohydrates in foods and drinks.

    How does Aftersmile help to remineralise my teeth?

    The calcium and phosphate minerals in saliva are the same minerals that are in teeth, and so it can help to remineralise any spots on teeth that have been attacked by acid.


    Where do you ship from?

    Sydney, Australia.

    How long does shipping take?

    Orders are sent out within 2 business days. For domestic shipping, your order will usually arrive with you between 3-5 business days after that. International shipping depends on your location. We use Australia Post for international shipping; use this link to estimate how long it will take your order to arrive: 

    How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is FREE on all orders within Australia over $30. International shipping rates depend on your location and will be calculated at checkout based on your address.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes! We  currently only ship to a select number of countries internationally. If you don't see your country there but would love to place an order, simply email us via our contact form and we will set up shipping for your location as soon as possible.


    What are my payment options?

    Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

    I'd like a refund. How can I get one?

    Simply send an email to and we'll get it sorted within 24 hours.


    Do you sell in retail?

    Yes! We are currently stocked in Gr8Health, Fresh Beauty Co and 

    How do I become a stockist?

    Please contact us via the form below if you would like to discuss becoming a stockist of Aftersmile.

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